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Advice and help from expert nurses about breastfeeding and more

Breastfeeding support and expertise is part of the continuum of care we provide around both your pregnancy and your first days of motherhood.

Specially trained nurses are available to assist with your newborn. They can provide valuable breastfeeding support, as well as helpful advice about other ways to care for your new arrival.

Skin to skin contact between mother and newborn

Uninterrupted bonding time

We highly encourage skin-to-skin contact with your newborn immediately after delivery.

We strive to provide an uninterrupted first hour to give you and your baby the opportunity to bond (and begin breastfeeding, if you choose to).

Mother breastfeeding her baby

Expert breastfeeding support

We support your choice to make an informed decision about breastfeeding, which can have a host of benefits for your baby. 

All of our perinatal nurses have received special training to assist with breastfeeding needs (including moms with gestational diabetes).

We offer hotline support, prenatal classes and support groups in the Sacramento area, and have been recognized as an official Baby Friendly Hospital.

Download a list of breastfeeding resources.

successful C-section

Enhanced C-section recovery support

Our enhanced recovery program aims to help you recover faster, control discomfort better, and resume normal daily activities sooner (including participation in your baby’s care).

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Nursing advice at home

We encourage our new moms to reach out to us for help!

After leaving the hospital, you can speak with a registered UC Davis nurse for answers and guidance about caring for your infant. 

We also see our patients up to 6 weeks postpartum as needed for maternal concerns.

Pregnant woman in a parenting class

Planning and education support 

Prenatal classes, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes and other planning and educational opportunities are available in the greater Sacramento area to help prepare for the welcoming of your newborn.

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