private birthing suite at UC Davis Medical Center

(Including a farm-to-fork-inspired celebratory meal for two)

When it’s time to give birth, most of us prefer a comfortable, home-like setting to a sterile hospital room.

The birth suites at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento are large, specially appointed private rooms that create a family atmosphere for your labor and delivery. They help to blend amenities for your comfort and safety with the benefits of our unique academic expertise.

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private birthing suite

One room for labor and delivery

Our spacious, comfortable birthing suites are specially appointed private rooms with:

  • private bathrooms
  • upholstered chairs, and a sleeper couch for a family member
  • wireless fetal monitoring for freedom of movement
  • free Wi-Fi
  • helpful aids such as squat bars and birthing balls

cuddling newborn

Mom and baby stay together

We practice couplet care, which means that babies and mommies stay together after birth to help support bonding.

We perform our routine recovery care tasks at mom’s bedside – and whenever possible, while baby is resting on mom. 

Mommy Meal placesetting

A gourmet meal for new parents

Celebrate your special moment with a farm-to-fork-inspired gourmet meal concepted by chef Santana Diaz, a veteran of Sacramento’s prominent Tower Bridge Dinner and popular area restaurants.

Learn more about Mommy Meals

new parents celebrating with baby

Share and celebrate with your loved ones

After your baby is born, we encourage family and friends to visit so they can meet your new bundle of joy.

Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day.